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Cheryl and Justin (in Newfoundland!) – Day one!

Earlier this summer, I went to Newfoundland with the awesome Cheryl and Justin for seriously one of the coolest and prettiest little weddings ever.

Here are a couple of my touristy photos from St. John’s. I think this is quite possibly the most beautiful city in Canada.

Cheryl and Justin got ready at Justin’s hometown, a cute, teeny-tiny place called Colinet about 2 hours from St. John’s.

Justin went paintballing for his Newfoundland bachelor party – his friends were (maybe) a little rough on him!

Despite the war wounds, Justin has a fine career in modelling ahead of him

The hustle and bustle of the morning was followed by a bus ride (over some very bumpy remote rural roads) to the boat dock. Luckily, Cheryl had an on-board beauty team.

The boys got on their boat, and headed out over the foggy waters to Bar Haven.

Bar Haven, the island where Justin’s dad grew up before the resettlement in the 1950s. There are only a few summer cabins on this little island where there hasn’t been a wedding in 50 years, until this one.

Cheryl and her dad waiting by the boathouse…

The boy’s shortpants and white socks, and Cheryl’s awesome birdcage veil are based off of some old photos of people on the island in the 50’s that Cheryl and Justin found.

The ceremony was held on the old church grounds – the foundation of the church is still there, bricks nestled in the long grass. Really emotional and beautiful, conducted by Cheryl’s brother in law.

That’s Cheryl and Justin’s travel companion/favorite stuffie/ring pillow  “Ippo” – he’s been all over the world with them, and he has the photos to show for it!

Standing on the overgrown foundations of the old church.

It was so misty and foggy and beautiful. Photo nerd note – electronics were not doing well at this level of humidity – cell phones died forever, etc.  I used my jacket and rain cover for my camera bag to wrap up my lighting so it wouldn’t short out. My Nikon D3 was absolutely dripping with rain, there was a ton of condensation on the mirror, etc – it actually looked a little as though I was using it in a shower, not even joking –  but it kept on truckin’! <end nerdy nikon ad.>

If you look closely, you can see the streaks of rain…

Back on the dock!

Justin has a friend named Bernard, with a bit of a crazy streak. He decided this would be a good time for a swim.

… in the frigid salty water… I think he might have regretted his decision.

The boat ride home. This photo makes me laugh!

More photos to come soon from Justin and Cheryl’s awesome reception in Colinet, NFLD!!

rebecca - I love this whole set. The whole – first wedding in 50 years – thing made me all weepy. They are gorgeous and love how you got the day.

Cathy - Stunning Bride. Adorable Groom. You captured everything from the the amazing coastline to the ‘five roses flour’. You are quite a wonderful photographer. Justin and Cheryl look very happy and very sure….Come to Newfoundland again sometime.

Julianne - Another great set of shots. I love her dress, you are right she is absolutely stunning!

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